Wrought Iron Floor Candelabras
Large 3 Lite Pillar Candelabra
62" Height Not Adjustable
5 Lite Fan
Pillar Candelabra
Adjustable Height
5 Lite Cluster
Pillar Candelabra
Adjustable Height
Large 5 Lite Pillar Candelabra
9 Lite Tree Candelabra
$300/ pair ($150 ea)
over 6ft tall
Also may be used as an 8 Lite with floral arrangement on top
15 Lite Fan
$130/pair- Wrought Iron
or $85 for one
15" Candles  $1.00 each rental
Glass Globes & Tea Lights $1.50 ea
Pillar Candles are not included, but are
available to rent in white or ivory.

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50% Deposit
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9 Lite Slanted
Pillar Candelabra
Adjustable Height
9 Lite Slanted
Pillar Candelabra ($65)
with lower candle plates
removed and silk flowers
added (add $45)
5 Lite Curvy Iron Candelabra
71" Wrought Iron
Rustic Finish
$170/ pair ($85 ea)
Wrought Iron Single Candelabra
Heavy Design
$45 ea.
Holds up to 5" Round Candle
56" Height Not Adjustable
2 in stock
4 Lite Cluster
Convertible Candelabra
For tabletop or floor use
$30 for
tabletop version, or
$40 with extension pole,
58"as shown
Free Standing Aisle Marker
Wrought Iron-$20
Wrought Iron Aisle Candelabra
with Pew Attachment
Wrought Iron Aisle Marker Options
1) Plain pillar candle
2) Large Leaflet with pillar
3) Large leaflet, small leaflet with 8" taper
candle and globe
Free Standing Aisle Candelabra
with Shepherd's Hook Attachment
with Hanging Votive and tea light: $30.00
without Hanging Votive and tea light: $25.00

*Note- the base shown in this photo is not
the one included, it is actually a more
simplistic, round base, like the free standing
aisle marker.
Adjustable Candelabras cannot be used
with LED Pillar Candles