Beverage Fountains
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addition to your reception. They help
to maintain a smooth flowing
beverage line. Our fountains have a
lighted center and large capacity for
less refilling. Your guests can simply
hold their cups under one of the
handy spouts to enjoy a quick fill.
The sound and beauty of a fountain
is the perfect addition to any event.
7 Gallon Silver
Beverage Fountain
50% Deposit
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to make a
5 Gallon Silver
5 Gallon
Brushed Silver Fountain
Punch Recipes
Instructions for Use:
Simply fill your fountain to within 2 inches of
the rim, plug it in, and turn it on. For best
results, use on a level surface. If your table is
not level, the fountain will  flow out of only 1 or
2 spouts. If you have questions about the
fountain on the day of your event, feel free to
call the owner's cell phone number located at
the bottom of your invoice. Do not use pulpy
beverages as they will clog the filter.
Instructions for Clean-up:
Please empty your fountain by pouring the
left- over punch or beverage into the sink. Do
not attempt to re-use your beverage or save it
for later. Fill the punch fountain at least half
full of warm water and turn it on for 5
minutes. Remove the water and towel dry. Do
not take apart the fountain. We will perform a
thorough cleaning and sanitation in our store
upon return. Thank you